Snowball Drive is closer to getting a makeover thanks to an approval from the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors at Monday’s meeting. The roadway, outlining Snowball Gate, will have additional stop signs and smaller lanes.

The entrance from Snowball Drive to Veterans Highway. Currently, there are no stop signs on Snowball Drive itself at these intersections.

Dubbed a “calming project,” the goal is to reduce speeds along the road. With a half mile parallel to Veterans Highway, residents have long complained about speeding.

Assistant to the Township Manager Scott Sadowsky briefed the Board on the plan.

“It narrows the driving lanes with the idea that less driving space, narrower lanes, makes people a little less comfortable and they’re inclined to drive slower. Our traffic engineer has done similar plans elsewhere and they said study after study shows this does work. It does slow down traffic.”

When all is said and done, there will be a six foot shoulder on the inner side of the road nearest houses. Both driving lanes will be nine feet each, and a one foot buffer will sit on the outer edge.

The planned changes to lanes on Snowball Drive. Image courtesy Middletown Township.

Additionally, stop signs will be placed along Snowball Drive at the entrances to Veterans Highway. This will allow traffic coming from Route 413 to continue, while vehicles leaving Snowball Gate will have to stop.

Sadowsky said residents of Snowball Gate gave positive feedback during a public meeting at the community center.

The next step is to advertise the plan to contractors for estimates.