State Rep Tina Davis’ Injunction Against Opponent Sposato Denied

An image taken from the advertisement paid for by Friends of Tony Sposato. Audio of the advertisement is available directly below.


There is more controversy in the race for the 6th Senate district as a judge denied State Rep. Tina Davis’ injunction against a television campaign ad run by her opponent in the race for the state House, Anthony Sposato. Audio of the advertisement is available above.

Wednesday morning, Court of Common Pleas President Judge Jeffrey Finley ruled Davis had no legal grounds on which to pull the ad which calls her husband, James Davis, a felon and accuses her of being involved in the crime. Mr. Davis’ felony charges were dropped only after he paid back $30,000 stolen from a low-income tenant living in a rental owned by the Davis family.

“Tina Davis and her husband were caught red handed taking taxpayer money intended for the poor. Authorities filed felony charges,” the advertisement says. “A realtor, Tina Davis was a key part of the fraud scheme.”

The trouble comes as the victim says she dealt with the State Rep when she first moved to the location, but Tina Davis was not charged with being involved with her husband in the theft. Her campaign attorney Adam Bonin says the judge’s decision to not take down the ad is based in law, but does not mean he supports it.

A Tina Davis campaign sign across the street from the Wawa on New Falls Road in Bristol Township. The sign does not include Davis’s House run. Photo by Rick Rickman.

“He found the ad to be offensive and distasteful, but that he did not believe Pennsylvania law gave him the power to issue an order to take it down,” Bonin said of Judge Finley. “This was a false allegation that she was involved in criminal conduct.”

State Rep. Davis is running against both State Senator Tommy Tomlinson for the 6th Senate district seat and as an incumbent against Sposato for her 141st House district seat. Davis accuses Tomlinson of using Sposato as a “convenient vehicle” to run the ad.

Tomlinson says Davis’ accusations are not grounded in fact and released a statement responding to the situation.

“Tina Davis has been running false and misleading ads against me for over a month. She lied and continues to lie,” Tomlinson said. “Her sprint to the Courthouse, after one negative ad was run against her, only shows her desperation to win both the seats she is running for. I had nothing to do with the ad.”

Tomlinson also weighed in on the judge’s decision, disagreeing with Davis’ campaign attorney on Judge Finley’s interpretation.

“Judge Finley decided this morning that the ad was factual and I support the Court’s decision,” Tomlinson said. “We are confident as we head into election day, but we are taking nothing for granted.”

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