HARRISBURG — On Wednesday, State Rep. Frank Farry took to the House Floor to promote a teenager from his district who made it to the top 14 of ABC’s American Idol.

Middletown Township’s Caite Turner, 17, has been stealing the spotlight on the national signing competition TV show.

“Here’s where I need your help,” Farry expressed. “8:00 on Sunday night is when the voting actually begins. And there are three ways to vote for Catie: one is through ABC.com, the second is through the American Idol app, or via text message.

Catie is one of four contestants from Pennsylvania. Michael Woodard and Dennis Lorenzo are from Philadelphia, Gabby Barrett is from Pittsburg, and just across the bridge in Galloway Township, New Jersey is Mara Justine.

Farry told the House, “If you have not seen her performances please go to YouTube and watch her.”

Catie has been on WBCB 1490 AM’s show Speak Your Piece several times leading up to the live show. She is a senior at Neshaminy High School. Catie is known for her free-spirited personality, as well as her singing, songwriting and guitar playing.

The show goes live on Sunday, April 22 and that is when it’s up to America to pick their next American Idol. The number to text to vote will be released for Catie and the other contestants following their performances.

Stay tuned on WBCB 1490 AM for updates on the competition.