The League of Women Voters of Bucks County finished up their candidate forums just in time for the election this week. The candidates in two of Lower Bucks’ feature races faced off Thursday.

State Rep. Frank Farry and his democratic opponent Lauren Lareau answered questions on policy in front of voters Thursday morning one at a time as per the League’s format. Each candidate had roughly forty minutes to

Farry says in contrast to Ms. Lareau, his campaign has focused on the positive accomplishments he has made for the community during his time in office.

Ms. Lareau commending Governor Wolf for signing State Rep. Frank Farry’s legislation.

“We’ve run a positive campaign,” Farry said. “We’ve not said one negative thing, and trust me with some of the things my opponent is saying and the way she’s behaving, we have plenty of negativity we could use, but we haven’t.”

While the League of Women Voters prides itself on being a nonpartisan organization, even they think Lareau may have gone too far.

“The League of Women Voters had to weigh in on this, and in essence admonish her,” Farry said. “She was posting on social media that I refused to debate her, though she’s never challenged me to a debate, and I would only appear if I was in a separate room, and that was absurd. Even the League of Women voters had to correct her.”

Notably, Lareau is running on expanding healthcare coverage and saying her opponent, State Rep. Farry, would not. However, Lareau posted her support for a piece of legislation Farry wrote expanding prescription coverage for 17,000 seniors, H.B. 270, on social media.

“My opponent is running on the some of the things I’ve done,” Farry said. “She had a Facebook post the other day about Governor Wolf signing one of my bills into law last week. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of that happening, so I guess she supports the work I’m doing.”

“This bill is a great start! So much more needs to be done,” Lareau posted to her campaign Facebook page. “I look forward to improving healthcare in Pennsylvania, and Governor Wolf needs more Democrats to help him accomplish this!”

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