State officials, including those from Bucks County, are calling on the governor to allow curbside pickup at all retail stores.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have urged for curbside pickup this week. Members from both parties say the Wolf Administration’s current policies have an unfair impact on small business.

As big retailers like Walmart and Target are still open for business, many smaller stores are on the brink of bankruptcy. Bigger stores are even likely benefiting from a lack of competition and also have online shopping and shipping.

Additionally, state wine and spirits stores have curbside pickup. The lawmakers question why it is acceptable for these stores to use this method of sale but not other stores.

A delegation of 14 GOP state House Republicans from Southeast PA sent Governor Tom Wolf a letter Tuesday. The letter, available here, calls for safe procedures which “stop choosing winners and losers.”

Local GOP legislators including Frank Farry, K.C. Tomlison, Wendi Thomas signed and sent the message to Wolf.

“Curbside pickup is safer and will begin to allow these retailers to move their products, earn some money and perhaps hire back some of their employees. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Meantime, nearly 80 Democratic lawmakers sent similar letters to the governor. A group of 16 state Senate Democrats, including State Sen. Steve Santarsiero, held a tele-press conference on the issue then sent a letter. More than 70 state House Democrats sent a similar letter.

“As Bucks County and others remain in the red phase, our neighbors across the river in New Jersey are allowing curbside pick-up for all retail,” said Santarsiero. “Allowing curbside pick-up for all retail in Pennsylvania will help support our local small businesses and keep money here in the state.”

While members of parties are driving the effort to allow curbside pickup, their efforts are separate. It is unclear whether Wolf will change the policy.