The state has awarded $306,254 to Bucks County to help those suffering from opioid addiction. This newly announced grant is designed to get people into recovery programs instead of prison.

Part of the funding will go toward new criminal justice diversion programs for Bucks. These types of initiatives try to prevent those with substance abuse disorder from entering the criminal justice system.

State Reps. Perry Warren and John Galloway announced the funding Tuesday.

“Incarcerating addicts fails to address the actual problem and is a blight on people’s records,” Galloway said. “We want our neighbors struggling with opioid addiction to get all the help they can. That’s why I’m very glad that this grant money will help provide for alternatives to incarceration and potentially get more people into treatment and recovery.”

“Opioid addiction has hit our communities hard,” Warren said. “This grant will help our communities work toward solutions — recovery and treatment — instead of punishments.”

Bucks County District Attorney voiced a similar view in an opinion piece published in the Philadelphia Inquirer last May.

“We cannot arrest our way out of this crisis,” Weintraub wrote.