District Attorney Matt Weintraub is inviting everyone to a special presentation in Warrington next week on opioids, drug use, and vaping. Doors open at Central Bucks High School South this Monday, Feb. 25, at 5:30 p.m.

Weintraub says having two children in Bucks County makes these issues hit particularly close to home.

“I think the more education we can have as parents,” Weintraub said. “Is that if you have knowledge, you know what to look for before your child may have a problem. And I think that knowledge is power.”

Attendees can expect Narcan training, a vaping workshop, and a walk-through of a mock teen bedroom. The “Behind Closed Doors” display includes 100 pieces of drug paraphernalia; each is one Bensalem Sergeant Adam Schwartz personally came across during his time on the force.

“It is incredibly realistic, very well done, and it’s eye opening,” Weintraub said. “We have a lot of information to share with parents about their children and the opioid and drug scourge we are currently facing.”

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Weintraub, and several people with first hand stories will be on hand for a Q&A panel. 

Pre-registration is required for the Narcan training session, available here. Supervisors will distribute one dose of Narcan per houshold.

Central Bucks High School South is located at 1100 Folly Road in Warrington.