A view from afar of St. Mike’s Fair. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Crews will be taking down the Ferris Wheel and other staple carnival rides at St. Mike’s Fair after two weeks of continuous fun in Levittown. First established in 1954, St. Mike’s Fair offers a true sense of community for its visitors.

The Area’s Most Spectacular Midway & Rides. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Barbara and Joe Drejerwski came out Sunday to enjoy one last evening of carnival fun for the summer. They both went to St. Michael the Archangel for school and have been going to the carnival every year for at least half a century.

“I grew up in the Appletree Hill section of Levittown and I’m a member of the parish,” Barbara Drejerwski said. Their children also went to St. Mike’s as well. “It’s great.”

The fair opened Tuesday, Jun. 25, to roaring crowds, laughing children, and music. Fit with fried dough and plenty of other carnival food, St. Mike’s Fair encapsulates the classic feel of a community carnival.

Reithoffer Shows is responsible for bringing in all the rides such as the Typhoon, Dutch Wheel, and Bumper Cars. The fair also acts a fundraiser for St. Michael’s the Archangel Catholic School.