St. Ann’s Fair Wraps Up In Bristol Borough

The 24th annual St. Ann’s Fair in Bristol wrapped up this weekend, after fair goers enjoyed rides, fun, food, and tradition all week.

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

St. Ann’s has been providing summer fun to Bucks County since the 1990s, and has been a staple of the Bristol community for years. The community, old and young, make sure to come out in droves to celebrate the end of summer.

“I actually saw the advertising around, and I thought that could be something fun to do,” said Anita, a first time St. Ann’s fair goer. “I would definitely come next year.”

St. Ann’s is famous for their grand rides, carnival games, funnel cake, and some pretty amazing meatball sandwiches. Local businesses, such as Mignoni Jewelers, were running raffles, engaging with the community, and participating in the fair activities.

“I was born and raised in Bristol Borough,”said George, who’s been faithfully attending St. Ann’s since its debut 24 years ago. “It just brings people all together, and you get to celebrate the kids going back to school.”

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WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.