Traffic patterns are set to change in Solebury Township.

After a Solebury Township Administration request, the speed limit on Carversville Road between Aqueton and McNeil Roads has been reduced from 40 to 25 MPH.

“It’s a very dark, narrow, and a winding road,” Dominick Bellizzie, the Solebury Township Chief of Police, said. “As far as I can tell the change in speed limit was warranted.” 

Bellizzie foresees the speed limit switch assisting with overall driver safety, especially during harsh weather conditions. “Hopefully in bad weather drivers won’t have any opportunity to slide off the road or come in contact with other vehicles,” Bellizzie said.

“The public is going to drive a little slower and a little safer.”

A flashing “25 MPH” speed sign has been installed along the road to make motorists aware of the change.