Snowed in today, watching the snow fly, while thinking about how crazy weather reporting has gotten. Much of the weather “news,” primarily on TV, is ongoing for days in advance, or a week or two, which seems to be less about information and more about staying tuned!

And the scare tactics clear the shelves in supermarkets everywhere – almost as if we’ll be snowbound and the food will run out. It is annoying, but even more so when the so-called dangerous storm coming out of the West – fizzled.

Now we folks in radio take a different approach — you can see the difference at WBCB where the weather and storm reporting is timely and not meant to intimidate or frighten – a warning, be prepared, fear not.

Those of us, ahem, who are older recall blizzard upon blizzard and huge, modern blizzards that shut down highways and byways and were counted in terms of “feet,” not inches. And we survived – even surviving those deadly wind chill factors. That’s another scary, weather news story. . .

What is wrong with knowing the temperature and not the “feels- like?”

We know when it’s 16 degrees it’s cold – it always is. It’s a good enough number that can be registered on the outdoor thermometer – or even in your car, Good enough.

By the weekend it is supposed to be a record-breaking zero — what will they say then – feels like 20-below? I don’t care – cold is cold and it’s time to bundle up and pray for Spring. -PW