Mega-media star, businesswoman, philanthropist – that’s Oprah Winfrey.

Political candidate? President? Not so much.

The Left and their friends in the media are literally salivating at the thought of an Oprah candidacy. But the losing party knew they lacked a bullpen full of viable candidates ready to do battle in 2020. (They had lefties, an old socialist and re-runs…)

Then, the Golden Globes came along and Oprah brought the house down with her inspirational, golden words, her strong stance on behalf of “oppressed and victimized” women and looked every bit the leader of a movement. She was a gift from the goddess.

That night and the next day I heard the anti-Trump media, the talking heads, et al, and I still don’t get it. I like Oprah, a woman so famous and beloved she doesn’t even need a last name. I read her books, magazine and watch her very own TV channel. But a vote for Oprah? Nah.

I don’t like her friends and as someone once said: If you want to know about a person, look at their friends. In looking at the fawning “friends” at the Globes and on TV the next day, I would say they are phony, left-wing lightweights who are less interested in Oprah than they are in sending President Trump packing.

I still don’t know what else is on their agenda, I can only imagine. The best thing for the country is if Oprah heads back to the Windy City…and the Democrats field a real candidate. They have a year or more… -PW