A fixture at WBCB since 1966, Vince was one of the first voices I came to know months before we moved to Levittown. A news and sports announcer, Vince was well known for broadcasting multi-level athletic events, including local and championship games. It was his distinctive voice and style that made him a household name in the Lower Bucks community. Somehow, he could bring an invisible game to life on the radio.

Vince was still on the job when he was taken ill. He left us on Dec. 30 following a short illness and will be laid to rest, Saturday.

We knew him as Vince Reed, but Anthony J. Iacovelli was born in Norristown and later moved to Levittown where he lived with his wife of 47 years, Barbara Anne. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.

His friends at WBCB remember Vince as a devoted family man, enterprising and passionate about sports. He took pride in his work and never lost the spark.

During his career, Vince received many awards and recognition, including being elected to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 2004, and in 2010 to the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Bucks County Chapter.

Vince Reed was the first person I worked with when I became a reporter for WBCB, years ago. I covered news and local meetings and wrote the stories for Vince to read on air the next day. Yes, he gave me more than a few tips, such as writing “shorter” for radio, which was not my thing at the time.

“We only have a five-minute newscast, you can skip all those details,” he advised.

My writing went a lot faster after that.

I saw Vince recently at the station and later in the parking lot. We chatted briefly, but if I had known that was the last time I’d see him I would have said more. You know what I mean.

RIP, friend. -PW