Tuesday, Nov. 5, Election Day, as important an election as any other. Oh, it’s sluggish out there and I’m not surprised, since it seems every off-year election has diminished vote counts. Tsk, tsk. Every year, local elections don’t seem to get much play in the news, one problem, and the politicians hope to stay under the radar. (Not good).

For example, many Republicans don’t mention their party affiliation when running for office, probably as an attempt to disassociate themselves from President Trump! I believe that’s part of it. The same for Democrats, who usually are so busy getting on the anti-Trump train, they forget why they’re running. But the party operatives who are seeking election know why they’re there.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome, so prevalent among the news media, or the so-called opinion shapers, has helped infuse the nation with hatred of one particular president and conservatives and more than a few with R next to their names.

My point is there should be a Republican and Democrat philosophy at work, two parties with different ideas on how to run the government and how the law of the land is strengthened. Alas, we’re not seeing too much of that. Instead we see party people and candidates skirting the local issues, such as taxation, traffic issues, economic development and in my Middletown Township the prospect of over-development.

Let’s talk about ideas and work record, intelligence and future planning. Next time, since it’s almost too late to figure out who can deliver for us. And remember when you enter the booth, Donald Trump is not running, nor is Joe Biden, or the rest of the “saviors.”

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 5, put your common sense in gear, go to the polls and vote for people you either know or believe they will put your interests first. That’s about all you can do at this point.