The Center for Science in the Public Interest issued an urgent plea Monday about the Philadelphia beverage tax, asking us to contact our state legislators to vote NO on H.B. 2241, coming up in the State Legislature on Tuesday, June 12. 

The bill that would eliminate Philadelphia’s controversial tax on any food or beverage, or their containers, such as plastic bags. When the tax went into effect, the city pointed out the good the money would do – pre-K classes and healthier people who reduced their soda consumption, thanks to the higher tax. 

Still, soda is not alone. I can think of so many other unhealthy foods or drinks we choose over a salad. I hope they don’t put a tax on cheesesteaks to go. 

I’m not a soda drinker, but I like my freedom of choice and resent tax gouging by private industry or public. It’s a Nanny State kind of thing, where governments, get into our pockets to control, what, our health and nutrition? Now they’re taxing what we drink? I ask why and they say soda isn’t good for you. Doesn’t seem right to me.  

There are many unhealthy, dangerous and cheap ways to “kill” yourself in the food aisles, but isn’t that our choice? The majority of us know what to do to stay healthy.   

If the bill does not pass, that is, the tax lives on,  I would take some of the future revenue from the Philly nanny tax to boost  drug education and drug enforcement for the sole purpose of stopping the sale and abuse of deadly illegal drugs. It’s not the soda, stupid. 

Well, I’m not going to ask my state representative, Frank Farry,  to vote or not vote for this “dangerous” bill.  He knows more about it, so I’ll trust him to do the right thing and talk to him on the radio.  Stay tuned.   -PW