Update Friday, 4:32 p.m.: President Trump has vetoed the resolution blocking his national emergency declaration.

Twelve Senate Republicans and a handful of House Republicans put President Trump in their sights over the funding for the border wall by voting to undo the emergency declaration to secure the southern border.

Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick joined Democrats in the House of Representatives against the emergency declaration, last week. The vote was 245 – 182.

After the emergency resolution was beaten down with the help of 12 Republicans in the Senate this week, the president was expected to veto it Friday.

The emergency declaration was undone for a variety of reasons, including presidential power, although congress has given presidents the authority to declare a national emergency. There is an obvious difference of opinion on whether or not the influx of illegal immigrants over the years and the caravans of Central American people seeking political asylum, today, is unmanageable. Everyone agrees it is a humanitarian crisis. Others claim the declaration is unconstitutional.

Sitting here I wonder if a wall, fence or barrier is needed to stop the flow of decent, desperate people, as well as drug traffickers, human traffickers and criminals? I am in the corner of those who see the danger, the emergency and the overwhelming numbers of humankind stuck where they are

And I see a porous border. Securing the border is a common sense thing to do, period.

However, the duplicity of politicians, and the quest for power has squashed obvious solutions.

President Trump has many, many who support him, including those in harm’s way on the border. And so it is disappointing that Republicans do not support the president and equally disappointing that the march toward destruction of the Trump administration continues to attract so many to the “dance.”