Speak MY Piece: Trump, North Korea Stepping Towards History

Happened to see the news during and after President Trump’s meeting with the North Korean delegation at the White House, Friday afternoon. I was amazed at the significance of this first step toward more dialogue and negotiations, beginning on June 12 in Singapore.   It is rather historic.

The president and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have risen to the challenge of North Korea’s push for nuclear autonomy and a position on the world stage. We noticed there was no vitriol, name calling or anything negative heard since the talks began prior to Pompeo’s visit last week.

Ah, but the Never-Trumpers are tearing their hair out…The mainstream media dredging up what the president said two months ago about “Rocket Man.”

It’s easy to poke at the president, but it should be toned down now and then, and acknowledge the positives inside this latest diplomatic move, for instance. He was very respectful of his North Korean guests, acknowledging the nuances of Asian diplomacy. President Trump, that means us, appears to be in control and promising signs are here.

But, when I flipped to two major news stations this afternoon, they were talking about Roseanne Barre and the presidential pardons. One channel pointed out, in relation to Roseanne, that “Trump supporters” use nasty or vulgar words all the time (?) and somehow this made the president and his “private” off-color remarks the real reason for Roseanne’s idiotic racist comment on a top Obama friend and political associate.  No need to repeat it. It was no joke and wildly, stupid. We can agree on that.

But today, the economic numbers are looking good, employment is up and we will meet with the North Korean leader in June. Plenty of news. Real news.

However, the world remains a dangerous place and we, the people, need a little fewer politics in Washington, more civility, and unity. Trump is the president. We elect in this country so give the duly elected president, the majority party and their friends the opportunity to make some change and headway. If not, it’s a four-year term; you go vote.  -PW