The Republican National Convention and its spectacular closing night resonated with operatic voices, the president’s lengthy speech and breathtaking fireworks. The event on the South Lawn of the White House was in brilliant contrast to the negativity of the Democratic party’s virtual event of the previous week.

From Monday to Thursday, speakers of all races and creeds, women and men, young and old were individual testaments to their challenges and achievements. It was all encapsulated in the theme of the Republican convention – the greatness of America – and the nomination of Donald J. Trump.

Nominee Joe Biden distantly presided over a would-be convention rife with Trump-bashing, blame-placing and fear-mongering. It was the epitome of a non-convention because there was no “light” at the end of their dark tunnel.

Most of us know the greatest ideals in the world became America! But do you wonder where we are now? One side reminds us we are the land of the free and home of the brave, while the other digs deep into grave past injustices, overlooking how we atoned and overcame.

And at the height of a national presidential campaign, they rail against isolated injustices and charge at political  targets, buildings, stores, cars, police, attacking our historic system with its well-worn path to freedom and justice.

“Doomed” the naysayers say, while others insist we have overcome; we have changed history and continue to have the heart and will to seek a “more perfect union.”