Opening day of the public impeachment inquiry by the House Intelligence Committee was more inquisition than hearing. No due process, second and third hand witnesses, lies, and a laser focus on the president’s alleged arm-twisting of the new Ukrainian president in exchange for a political “investigation.”

The impeachment proceedings (inquisition) rolled on, redundantly, and by the time Wednesday’s event was over it was clear the Democrats were putting on a show in their feverish desire to overturn the results of the November 2016 election of Donald Trump.

However, the inquisition is off to a bad start, reeking as it does of wildly partisan misbehavior and no evidence of a crime. But there’s no need to rehash the background here, other than to note President Trump has been under attack since he became a candidate and when he did the unthinkable – win.

First, they said he was in cahoots with the Russians and the lengthy special counsel investigation ended in “no cahoots.” Now the Democrats and their media allies are accusing him of “bribery and extortion” and the whispering Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is “praying” for the president and for the United States of America!

Speaker Pelosi is the leader of the jug band and, to be kind, quite insincere.

Clearly, the Democrat majority has become obsessed with ridding the nation of the duly- elected president they are willing to skirt the constitutional rights afforded the average citizen – due process, which includes the right to call witnesses and confront your accuser.

President Trump was accused by an unseen whistleblower with hearsay information and the Intelligence Committee’s bureaucratic star witnesses who did not strengthen the accusations.

The drive to impeach the president comes one year ahead of the 2020 election, so why not let the people speak at the ballot box? Here’s a thought: Maybe the Democrats believe he might win again. OMG!

The current field of Democrat presidential contenders is weak and that may be the impetus for today’s show of shows. One way out, they figure, is to fabricate a case against the president today and run against a “President” Pence next year.

Stay tuned.