The much anticipated debate between President Trump and challenger Joe Biden was a disappointment. Actually, “disappointment” doesn’t tell the story of a debate that went off the rails with noise: interruptions, name-calling and no clarity on any important issue.

The following were either not explained, drowned out, misrepresented: Health care, Supreme Court vacancy, taxation, spending, COVID, law and order, and Hunter Biden.

We live in a country of rampant free speech and hard-ball politics, so why would we expect two men vying in a high-stakes contest to be respectful, truthful and meaningful? Well, I do. Look, I was seriously disturbed in the tenor of this so-called debate. But it was not that surprising, considering the feisty demeanor of the president and the equal street fighter that Joe Biden (was) is.

Significantly, there were low expectations for Biden, which could be why the president’s actions might have been part of a strategy to throw Biden off. I don’t think it worked well for the president. And it was not hard to notice that Biden failed to answer questions and he was rude – all overshadowed by Trump’s feeding the sharks today’s talking points.

Upcoming: Voters should consider the actions of the Trump administration in the last three years, not his “personality,” although some say accounts for much of his success. Meanwhile, I’m still left with not knowing what Biden is offering, if elected. It was a mystery and today it’s still a mystery.