There’s not much daylight between them – in the words of a former colleague of mine when writing about the two congressional candidates. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and
Democrat challenger Scott Wallace.

In the aftermath of several face-to-face campaign debates and tons of advertisements, I do see a glaring difference. Wallace is a nationally-sponsored Democrat challenger with deep pockets who has raised the ante in the campaign with his personal donations to the party and his own campaign.

The 1st Congressional debate at the BCCC Epstein Campus in Bristol.

Fitzpatrick is an independent Republican, a local guy, who had to scramble to raise more money on his own terms because of his opponents deep pockets, and especially because the Democrats have made our district Ground Zero!

Fitzpatrick is pledged to fix the gridlock in Washington, willing to work across the aisle to get the work done. And his record reveals that.

Wallace, a one-percenter, will toe the party line if he manages to get elected – a possibility with all his money, media support and the inevitable spin. However, in debate, he comes across as a restrained man in quicksand – and at times an echo of the Republican congressman, believe it or not.

That’s what I heard in the debate at the Lower Bucks campus of the community college, Thursday. The Left is rising in the Wallace party. The Democrat Wallace followed the party line.: Trump-bad, Paul Ryan-bad and whenever possible blur the line between yourself
and the Republican. Confuse and conquer?

During the debate before a packed house, Wallace also managed to raise a familiar Democrat mantra. . . scaring old people about Medicare and Social Security.

But the Democrats have no way to save the nation, as far as I can see, but candidates, like Wallace, are being sucked into the quicksand of vicious attack politics. In fact this so-called, mild-mannered man dropped the F-bomb in anger at our congressman in a synagogue. So much for civility.

Mr. Wallace is a political novice, and a pawn, I’m sorry to say. He also is a multi-millionaire who did not vote or pay taxes in this congressional district, ever. Fitzpatrick is a homegrown candidate, a former FBI agent and solution-oriented by virtue of his education
and training.

Brian Fitzpatrick has dedicated his life and career to public service and carved a niche for himself in our community and in the Congress. He should be re-elected. -Pat Wandling