We’ve had a very hot summer, as usual. But in this cooling-off period, the temp rises again as we approach the silly season. Campaign-time USA.

We see President Trump out and about, raising the flag for his accomplishments and touting the importance of electing Republicans – especially to the Senate. He says the Republicans will save his agenda and keep the momentum going for the hard-working men and women who voted for him in the last election –and are helping MAGA!

President Trump is gathering large, excited crowds here and there – South, mid-West and West — and giving a likely boost to Republicans there. It reminds me that same kind of enthusiasm is not seen in the Northeast. Many Republican candidates, who may have liked Trump or not, avoid giving opinions on the president, fearing “repercussions.” And why should they? Most are running for down-ballot positions.

I’ve seen GOP candidates who do like the president, some that don’t, most float around the fringe of the commander-in-chief like wisps of smoke, neither criticizing nor applauding. They are most careful to be the secretive ones, speaking in whispers to the like-minded.

Say it or not, we are better off today than we were three years ago and our not-gonna-take-it-anymore approach to other global players is working. In my mind, Trump was the right candidate for the time, considering Hillary was in the running. And he is not destroying the Republic.

Former President Obama is now on the campaign trail. He is a strong campaigner, we know, and indulges in revisionist history from time to time. Actually, he’s out there trying to center his party, grab it away from the far-far-Left, while undermining President Trump and the Republican majority. He’s charging ahead to the mid-term elections fearing the strength of an involved president and some significant successes and the capture of his party by the socialist-Democrats.

I noticed the former president berated the Trump administration’s supposed political interference with the Department of Justice, calling it a threat to democracy. On the other hand, I recall former U,S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch met secretly on an airport tarmac with former President Bill Clinton when his wife, the former Secretary of State was running for president. Obama-era interference with the DOJ?

And did the IRS target conservative groups like the Tea Party? Singled them out, as reported. Obama-era. And the FBI and rogue agents and, perhaps, a few of their bosses, launched a covert probe designed to sack Donald Trump before the election. That secret operation was underway during the Obama administration and the 2016 campaign.

There’s more, politics is the art of government, but sometimes it’s theater. All we can do is sit tight and wait for the fat lady to sing. Then vote.