And I thought I was a political junkie – glued to TV or radio in the midst of presidential campaigns, national debates, conventions and elections… not to forget the printed word.

I confess I tried to watch the Democrat’s virtual convention this week and I could only take it for minutes. I would rather have been boiled in oil.

It was a work of fiction. The old guard came out with knives and lies: Obama and Obama, Clinton and Clinton, Kerry, Sanders, while the emerging, powerful far Left, radical wing was kept in the closet.

Did you notice no one is touting Joe Biden for the job? Trump was the name most mentioned, derided and attacked. No Joe, but plenty about the vice presidential candidate and would-be president, Kamala Harris, the historic woman of color who is there to “help Joe Biden,” as said by Mrs. Biden.

Seems to me, nominee Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse –and this virtual, so-called convention is a fraud. Click