It really is too early to be cheering or tearing (the words rhyme). So hang in there and consider this:

Let’s talk about the final tally, which may be days away. If President Trump wins, it is not critical, he’s the president now. If Joe Biden wins, his party is looking for dramatic change, but it will evade them. At the heart of it, we’re a centrist nation, neither Left nor Right. Democrats know that.

Now, Trump supporter that I am, I believe a Biden presidency is not likely to affect you and me, or destroy the nation. But one would hardly know THAT in the days leading up to Nov. 3, right? What were some thinking about a Biden win? A yikes moment, for sure.

It’s not over at this writing, but if President Trump loses in the days ahead, and he might, Republicans should be happy about the changes and success he’s had. And, more importantly, perhaps, in continued Republican control of the Senate, with its ability to put the brakes on any cockamamie ideas still swirling in the heads of the progressive-left.

I’m not about to jump in the river. To me, political campaigns are not unlike a football game. Two teams knocking themselves out, slamming each other into the turf – and then, game over. One wins. Monday morning quarterbacking, yes, Lingering punches, no.

Our United States is a Constitutional Republic that has outlasted international and civil wars and terrorist attacks. It will continue unhampered, regardless of the far Left, far Right, Democrats, Republicans, or the string of agitators and anti-Americans denigrating its institutions, today.

So, to the losing team: set aside fear and tears and anger. Thanksgiving is coming. We have much to be thankful for.