I can barely read the statements of the perpetrators of one of the most horrendous murder cases in Bucks County and believe it is real..

Cosmo DiNardo, now 21, made a deal with Bucks County prosecutors and admitted he killed four of his friends last July on a county farm owned by his parents. Drugs and lunacy the cause.

DiNardo took a deal for four consecutive life sentences for a guilty plea and avoidance of a death penalty after a trial. His cousin and alleged co-conspirator, Sean Kratz, of Philadelphia rejected a plea bargain and will go to trial.

Media outside a courtroom in July 2017

I don’t want to go into the details revealed in the taped testimony of the pair, but suffice it to say it was – especially on DiNardo’s part – blood-curdling.   There is a young man who lost his soul.

The statement DiNardo gave was grisly and the work of a person who also was out of his mind, off in some fantasy world where human beings and their loved ones, were not real. The blood was not real, the smell of their burning bodies was not real and the dirt that DiNardo dumped on them was not real. This had to be a movie in his mind. No person, so young and privileged could do such a thing unless he was insane. Oh, I know he could not have gotten away with an insanity plea, but in the world that I occupy the killings could only be the work of a madman.

The district attorney, Matt Weintraub, did not want the tapes which will be used in the upcoming Kratz trial released to the public and at least two or three news organizations did the opposite. I can’t imagine why. The public’s right to know? Not really. In my opinion, it went on air because newsmakers believe many people like to read and hear about murder, mayhem, and stormy weather.

We should pray for all six of the families.   -PW