Speak MY Piece: Thanksgiving In The COVID Era

Happy parents and kids using computer and waving while making video call before Thanksgiving dinner in dining room.

With Thanksgiving Day upon us, who’s not looking forward to the annual traditional gathering and all that great company and food?

But this year and this month is different: There’s been a spike in COVID cases in our county that mirrors what’s happening nationwide.

As of last week, the Bucks County Department of Health reported an approximate 118 cases per day, which is a 79% increase compared to the week before, and 3.5 times higher than it was a month ago, all based on data from hospitals and medical professionals.

The Bucks County Commissioners last week advised residents of the recent increase – with a few guidelines. No edicts were issued, just suggestions reiterating what national health reporting agencies have said would be the “wise thing to do” in anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

Despite earlier warnings that Thanksgiving travel should be curtailed, airline travel increased. We also were advised to limit the number of guests at family or other events, but is it being done? However, everyone can agree it’s very important to remain vigilant against COVID by hand washing, sanitizing surfaces, social distancing and otherwise healthy practices. Do not let up.

The county commissioners agree some of us may be getting “tired” of the pandemic, but it continues to be more important considering the recent spike in cases.

Lastly, health professionals say be especially conscious of the threat COVID presents to Grandma and Grandpa, who are likely to be more seriously affected than a younger person, for instance.

No one is trying to frighten us, or take away our freedoms. Change your plans if you want; it’s a personal choice. At this time in our county there’s no law preventing you from gathering in private homes – limiting the guest list is a choice.

Common sense is the order of the day. So, have a very happy Thanksgiving – enjoy it safely.