Another school shooting – at this writing 10 dead and 10 wounded. And now I’m
thinking what once was unthinkable. Schools must be safe, and in order to be safe in this
new world, schools should hire armed guards and possibly metal detectors at the “only”
entrance to the school.

And that’s it. Waste little time this weekend talking about guns, the NRA, psychotic
kids, dysfunctional homes and bullies. Enough is enough. Train and arm school guards
and turn the buildings into fortresses if you like, but do something to protect our kids
from gunfire in the halls and possible death.

If it’s the money thing, then have the counties, states and federal government pony up.
What is a life worth? What is a sense of security worth?

Increase security, hire police, get metal detectors in all the schools and don’t leave even
one door unlocked, ever. The shooter in Santa Fe, Texas merely walked in, weapons
concealed beneath a long coat and there was an armed guard or policeman on the scene
who probably saved lives, but 10 is 10 too many.

Kids killing kids. Can the adults in the room stop it? We really don’t have a choice.