It’s early in the delegate count, but it appears that Joe Biden will be the one to face President Trump in November. He has emerged on Super Tuesday as the go-to-guy for the Democrats in charge. They may not be entirely happy with the Biden resurgence, but the trend away from Bernie Sanders is hopeful for those Democrats in charge.

It is obvious (then and now) the Democrats don’t want Bernie and all his socialist baggage, not to mention his cranky pants.  Sanders is a throw back to the 60s. Throughout his second bid for the nomination, he was promising the “moon” with programs that cannot get off the ground. There’s not enough money, much less a will in Congress, to adopt any of his giveaway programs. And his sister in giveaways, Elizabeth Warren, could not do the math on the free stuff she also touted. Only Kobuchar challenged both of them on that minor detail – funding.

And so the party and many people gave up on Bernie. Yes, he maintained the Trump-haters and the free-stuff voters, but the party leaders like the center lane, after all, plus someone who can win against the one they hate (and fear) most of all.

Politics is all about winning, isn’t it? Regardless of your philosophy or your money (right Mr, Bloomberg?) each team wants a winner. Therein lies the problem with Joe Biden. If he manages to pull it off with enough delegates to avoid a food fight at the Democratic convention, he may not have the goods to attract the young voters or immigrants, of lefties, who could sit this one out with a Joe Biden at the top. Oh, it will be a grueling campaign and Biden’s health could also be a factor. That will play into the vice presidential choice, for sure.

A Sanders candidacy could jeopardize down-ballot candidates, which may be another reason why the top leadership abandoned Sanders as he began to get close.

I say this upcoming election will need no interference from any outsiders, we have enough warriors in this country to run  a monumental battle come November.

As of today, I notice that Bloomberg spent millions of Bloomberg dollars to find out he didn’t have the right stuff. He dropped his campaign, as suggested, I’m sure, and will back Biden. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren, at this writing, is most likely negotiating for something before she makes her inevitable move.