Speak MY Piece: Summer Of Our Discontent

William Shakespeare’s historic play, Richard III, opens with this: “Now is the winter of our discontent” and I’m again reminded that this, indeed, is the summer of our discontent.

Actually, it’s beyond discontent. Who is not saddened and alarmed at what we see on the nightly news – watching what has happened in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In disbelief, we see spontaneous protests for justice in Floyd’s hometown spill into cities across the country drowned with blaring, angry rallying cries of Black Lives Matter, a relatively new organization with an underlying agenda that appears to go far beyond peaceful protests.

These summertime demonstrations by many sincere individuals calling for racial justice, justice for the victim of a cop killing, were joined as we have seen by the strategic takeover by faceless individuals with more than racial justice on their minds. We are witness to overwhelming crowds, destructive rioting, lawlessness, looting, shootings, attacks on police, government buildings, monuments, and the absurd attempts to rid neighborhoods of police protection.

As usual, peaceful, legitimate protests have been taken over before our eyes and often with the compliance of local, county and state officials as we  have seen in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. The radical Left has the compliance of many in the corporate world and  mass media, which has exacerbated the anti-government, anti-Trump fever – the discontent has slipped into anarchy, lawlessness, violence.

Are we okay with that? What will winter be like?