Here I am writing again about another high school shooting, but the dialogue is changing out there, I’m happy to say. However, what “they” are saying and what I have been thinking may be more talk.

I heard someone say, “We have had too many silent prayers” for high school kids who, on the cusp of their adult lives, died on the floors of their high schools. I can barely think that thought, that image.

It is time to stop saying we have to do something and do it. Just do it, Stop the battle with the gun people and the Second Amendment people. It is not the solution. The only solution, the only life-saving action, is to boost the security in all our high schools with armed responders. And lock the extra entryways in the schools – we all know where they are.

We have had four young men killed in Bucks County by a gun in the hands of another young man who reportedly had a recent history of mental issues – again, that issue and his access to a gun or guns is frightening. I am not alone in believing the basic issue is mental instability and access. Just look at all the recent school shootings. . . It is counterproductive, in my mind, to rail against the gun.

We also know innocent victims can be killed by many, many “weapons,” including household items. Law enforcement, school authorities, and families can do much to thwart future schoolhouse slaughters. Notification and follow-up are worth considering. (Actually, more and more are saying as much.)    -PW