Another weekend of mind-boggling news and shock over what is happening in our country. As always, there are endless assumptions, blame placing and cries for gun control — even the banning of all guns.

We have heard it after every mass shooting and it still continues. Death of the innocents is being politicized by candidates wanting to run in 2020. Again.

I heard President Trump speak this morning. I agree with him. I started writing this yesterday and he echoed what I and many more believe what is wrong in our society is massive and guns are a small part of it.

After such horrific weekend shootings, the focus is always on the weapon. But if we are going to put an end to it, the focus must be on the shooter, his background, his or her state of mind. And true mental illness.

Every mass shooter in recent history and not so recent history has had mental health issues and most of the time the warning signs were there –either unrecognized or ignored by the family, friends, schools and in the workplace. These are sick, sad individuals with a gun, a bomb, a knife. . .

There are many things in our culture that need changing, including the escalation and acceptance of violence on the movie screen, video games, music — on the street and college campuses. Our children are being desensitized, not driven to insanity.

It is going to take more than a village to cure the ills that lead to murder and mayhem. Banning every single gun in the country will not stop the madmen from coming after those they want to eliminate. Violence is an illness perpetuated by its acceptance of something as non-deadly as throwing water on a cop.

People should look inside and stop the hate. People should help the sick. People should target the many things in our culture that glamorize violence and warp the already warped mind.

If, indeed, we managed to get rid of guns, certain guns, all guns, large and small, where does that take us… Right where we are today – in a violent society, amid a growing
cultural crisis and a disrespectful political descent beyond the ballot box.