I have mixed feelings about plans in Philadelphia and elsewhere to provide drug addicted souls a safe place in which to get needed drugs, like heroin. It is billed as a place for clean needles and untainted drugs…

At this time, it seems a skewed way to help drug-addicted souls avoid disease-laden needles, street crime and death. I believe it is more of a temporary fix.

What do these programs do to rehabilitate the addict, to make them clean and whole, again? Very little. It’s a halfway humanitarian mission. That’s what I think, but I want to be convinced of the greater value of “injection sites.”

Would it not be more “humane” to spend inordinate amounts of money on drug and law enforcement at the border and any other port of entry or domestic distribution sites for illegal drugs and put a stop to the so-called booster drugs added to heroin that have proved to be deadly. Fentanyl is a powerful pain killer largely coming into this country from China, reportedly, much of it comes through Mexico. Added to heroin it is a certain killer.

Get the drug dealers and the unlawful, opioid-prescribing people off the streets and put the cartels out of business. Pour money into drug-busting programs and agencies and make rehabilitation a vital priority and component of these “safe injection sites.”

Someone pointed out yesterday on WBCB’s Speak Your Piece that there is an “awful lot of money” to be made by cities or agencies running these programs. An interesting observation. I also thought of the numerous recovery homes in our area that house former addicts at high weekly rental costs. For the private owners of these homes, the program is a wellspring of cash flowing from recovering addicts trying to save their own lives.

Many may believe the clean needle approach is wonderful – preventing hepatitis, AIDs, and O.D.’s. True. But what else are we doing without powerful and compulsory counseling at these injection sites? Are we preventing disease and prolonging suffering? If so, the stated purpose for this is not as humane as one might think.

Nevertheless, I’m open to other views, other information. Stay tuned.