And now the former vice president has thrown his hat into the ring to save the soul of the nation. Okay…

My take is Joe Biden’s expected entry into the already crowded field for next year’s Democratic primary is not philosophical, at all. Instead, it’s being fueled by entrenched, pragmatic Democrats quietly worried about the new wave of far Left candidates in their midst. The pragmatic Democrats want to win in 2020, desperately.

The old war dogs know the hopefuls need to do more than run against Donald Trump in their distant primary or offer a lot of free stuff. It will take more than that to defeat Trump who is beating the odds at accomplishment. To win the Democrats need to appeal to disenchanted Republican voters and the Trump Democrats they lost in 2016. But they need a message that doesn’t begin with Trump.

In today’s cable news, the Democrats getting the most attention are mostly bi-coastal, quite noisy and united in their hatred of the president. These so-called progressives have a message that is both impractical and improbable and will not fly in middle America, where common sense always makes sense. The old war dogs know that and think, just maybe, Joe Biden can rise above the noise. After all, he’s a veteran campaigner, comes across as approachable and he talks like regular folks.

I like Joe Biden for old-times’ sake, but I see him being chewed to bits by some of the angry, hungry Democrats in next year’s overcrowded primary. He’s yesterday’s news in their eyes, but if they should force him to abandon his “Uncle Joe,” working-class-guy stance and move to the Left, he still loses.

On the other hand, the president goes into the 2020 campaign from a position of strength, despite the Democrats’ two-plus years of War-on-Trump. He has made change, inspired the economic engines, fights and works hard, and lands on his feet. In my opinion, he will be re-elected.