I never did get to see Roseanne’s new TV show, but it sure was different.  Well, now it’s over, she’s done, and more than 100 people are out of work because of the “star’s” ignorant, impolite, racist tweet about a close associate of the former president.

It is mind-boggling to say the least, how Roseanne, and others like her, think they can get away with saying or tweeting any asinine thought that comes to mind, or any degrading thoughts that lurk in their minds.

She got what she deserved, but the magnitude of it is worth noting. One executive, in one ABC moment, canned the money-making show. Roseanne is no trend-setter. The same or worse things have been said by other celebrities against, the president and his family for example, and it was not followed by a tsunami like this one.   None of it is right, I quickly add.

Many people know Roseanne is unpredictable and has a history of saying many crude and awful things in the past — about her enemies or ex-husband, or anyone who crosses her path. Note what she said recently about Chelsea Clinton and even George Soros. Actual falsehoods.

One can’t help but wonder what is going on in this land of ours?  Whatever it is, I hope the next generation can fix it.

One more thing: Another pet peeve — blame placing. When Roseanne apologized, she said her comments were related to a med she took to go to sleep, nothing else. Today, the company tweeted there is nothing in the product that causes racist tweets.   -PW