Speak MY Piece: Responding To The Coronavirus

U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Elora J. Martinez.

Much of the news seems to be focused on the stealthy expansion of the Coronavirus into every continent, except Antarctica. And rightly so.

America is ready, said President Trump during a press conference Wednesday evening at the White House, where he was backed by health professionals and administrators. The Coronavirus, the topic and its implications for the United States and a reassurance without minimizing the threat. It was reported there are 700 cases in China and has spread to 39 countries, with 60 cases in the U.S.

There was a tightrope for the president as he discussed the spread of the virus and what we are doing to prepare and keep as much of the virus out of the country. Containment of the virus is primary, now.

As expected personal responsibility was noted, particularly the need for health precautions and practices that can and should be taken by individuals and families in the U.S. The same type of precautions taken to protect us from the flu virus (minus a vaccine), or a simple cold, they also said.

Representatives from the federal health agencies and the Centers for Disease Control were quick to advocate and encourage faithful hand washing, covering face and mouth when sneezing or coughing, throwing tissues in the trash, cleaning workplace and home surfaces, and avoiding people who are ill.

My takeaway was the CDC and the Trump Administration were reassuring without overdoing it. And I have confidence they’re doing the right thing.

It was noted by one administrator that Trump’s early (and quick) decision to close our borders to incoming Chinese visitors, friends, and products was a good thing, although it aroused the ire of the Chinese.

Additionally, the president appointed Vice President Mike Pence to head up the new Coronavirus Task Force, and he will be working closely with public health experts, here and internationally.

In response to a press inquiry, a Trump administrator said it was believed the virus originated in a “wet market” in Wuhan, but others are trying to determine if it may have originated in a Chinese laboratory, nearby the small city (Wuhan). It was apparent to the viewer that our scientists and medical professionals felt there was not enough information coming from China. And they’re working on it.

Finally, the Coronavirus must not be a partisan issue. It is senseless for Trump opponents to make it so. The last word, according to Trump: “We are prepared.” The “we” is significant.