The endless pandemic news cycle is enough to get you worrying about a massive wipe-out, an obliteration of society as we know it. Believe it, some are saying this, but others are hopeful, optimistic, faithful.

But it is easy to understand those who are anxious about this invisible coronavirus and even those angry with the government, disagreeing with the edicts and discounting the data.

Blame? It’s going around – blaming someone, or the collective government for the global death toll; the cases spreading across America. It seems an obvious reaction to frustration, fear and freedom lost.

Indeed, the coronavirus is a hard test of our fortitude. At this writing, there are over 1,000 cases in Bucks County and more than a million in the world. Sadly, there will be even more by the time you see this. Always, it’s the numbers, the 24-7 news cycle, finger-pointing, the stay-at-home edicts, beach and park closings… that rankles.

But there is hope in the numbers – a slowing down, a “flattening” in the known “hot spots.” And in New York, hospital admissions actually dropped over the weekend. Social distancing is credited with this.

There’s hope in us… the American spirit of resilience is inbred.

Consider this, you don’t have COVID-19, the actual name for the disease, nor does anyone in your household. Yet, we’re not home-free and the increasing numbers being broadcast should push us toward following the rules – if just for a month. (Stay-put, sanitize, wear a mask.)

So, have faith, be kind, and for the rest of this lovely month of April consider your home your haven. Also, Christians are coming off the Easter weekend and what is the message of Easter? Hope.