Armistice Day, as it was called to mark the end of World War I, is now officially Veterans Day, a national holiday, honoring all American veterans of all historic wars.

We are proud to have a final resting place for our veterans in Washington Crossing National
Cemetery in Upper Makefield, where it is the most serene setting for the honorable and the
brave. I believe Americans need not be reminded that we honor the legacy of those brave souls whose sacrifice changed the course of our nation’s history, time and again. In answering duty’s call, they gave us the gift of freedom.

In Washington Crossing and in cemeteries around the world we stand on hallowed ground before generations who lie silent before us, but whose legacy resounds in the air that we breathe.

We can be humble in places such as Washington Crossing National Cemetery, humbled by the courage of the men and women who have served and who serve today. All generations go forward with their eyes open to the dangers ahead. Today, a younger generation is returning from deadly regions around the world – heirs of those who have gone before. Our gratitude is deep and heartfelt as we honor their sacrifice. Their legacy is no less than the gift of freedom.

Postscript: On this occasion, let’s heed the often repeated words of author Elmer Davis, “This nation will remain the land of the free — as long as it is the home of the brave.”

* * *

Once again, Americans will be donating $15 to purchase a holiday wreath that will be placed on the grave of an American hero – a veteran who served our country faithfully and
courageously. (Wreaths Across America is a national project.)

Locally, the Terchon VFW Post is collecting $15 donations for a wreath that you can have
placed on the grave of a veteran of your choice in Washington Crossing. All checks must be
collected before Dec. 1, however. Applications are available at WBCB-1490, 200 Magnolia
Drive, Levittown PA, off New Falls Road. Thank you for remembering.