I watched the State of the Union last night like millions of other Americans. In my opinion, it was masterful. In baseball terms – a home run.

President Trump touted the administration’s accomplishments: the booming economy, lowest unemployment rate and hundreds of thousands of new jobs – 58% of them held by women. Also higher employment rates for African-Americans, Hispanic and Asians.

He spoke of the wars we have fought since Korea and the lives lost in places like the Middle East and Afghanistan and the U.S. is seeking ways to bring the troops home from these tumultuous regions.

It was interesting to watch the expressions on the faces of his opponents as he appealed to them for more bipartisan cooperation to achieve success for hard-working Americans, infrastructure and healthcare. Who could be against it? Their faces were still, not relaxed, more dazed. The president had taken the wind out of their sales, I suspect.

A group of women in the Congress attended all in white, apparently some Suffragette get-up. Well, it made them stand out and it was easy to see them as they cheered for the numbers of women in Congress and in the workplace, as outlined positively by the president who also said he would ask Congress to pass a law prohibiting late term abortions.

All the congressional women, with more than a few mothers among them, did not applaud. They sat on their hands rather than support a law that would ban late term abortions and “executions.” That was appalling.

The president then took on the controversial, such as immigration and the wall. Securing the southern border is high on his agenda, but overall, the SOTU speech was optimistic, patriotic and historic in my view.

Meanwhile, the Democratic response was no response at all. It was a false narrative, unrelated to the president’s optimistic view of our nation at this time in history – and the future.