Speak MY Piece – PW: National Emergency

Photo by Mani Albrecht. U.S. Customs and Border Protection

If the political “outage” imposed on us daily is about The Wall, poverty, parent and child separation, why not include illicit drugs and traffickers bringing their wares into the country through the southern border?

The surge of migrants and the need for better security at the southern border, plus President Trump’s national emergency declaration has dominated the political discourse. It is obvious to the careful listener that the 2020 election is on their minds, not

On the flip side of this there’s plenty of news about the “drug crisis.” Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI special agent and active national leader in the battle against illegal drugs, has been to the border. And more recently, the congressman toured the Kensington section of Philadelphia where Bucks County buyers find a supply of cheap heroin and other drugs killing people in our region.

It was a horrific sight, according to the report, and Kensington was labeled “Ground Zero.” Front page news in the Bucks County Courier Times.

This year, 2019 is full of problems globally and at home, but let’s name three: immigration, illicit drugs and human trafficking. I was thinking, why not connect the crisis on our southern border with the drug crisis facing Main Street America? It’s all there.

We know Bucks County has been hit hard by drugs, and authorities have said much of it comes through the southern border – heroin, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine.

For years law enforcement has gathered information on the well- organized drug operations and gangs peddling these dangerous, deadly drugs daily. And the biggest of the big was just convicted in the U.S.

On our patrolled southern border they watch them from the air and on the ground. Arrests are made, yet the Mexican border appears to be quite porous.

Something new just happened in the midst of the onslaught of caravans and asylum seekers. Mexico arrested and deported a group of 25 criminals who were trying to enter the U.S. with the recent caravan.

And another ring of illegal immigrants was caught while attempting to import drugs to Louisiana. Another group – a North Carolina ring – illegal immigrants – was nabbed with millions in illicit drugs slated for the East Coast.

Closer to home, an 18-year-old from Trenton was arrested recently in Falls by Middletown police after a month-long investigation. This young dealer had about 2,000 doses of heroin for sale in Lower Bucks, specifically. Where is his supplier?

His cache and others in the area likely came via the U.S. – Mexican border, authorities say so, which is why we might not want to label the Kensington site “Ground Zero.” This and other drug hot spots are the Collateral Damage grounds.

The southern border needs to be called (for now) what it is — Ground Zero. So build a wall, a steel barrier, or a picket fence.

Hire more cops. Let’s save lives.