I watched most of the House Intelligence Committee hearing throughout the day as Michael Cohen trashed the President of the United States. Cohen, Trump’s long-time attorney, is on his way to federal prison, a convicted felon, disbarred lawyer and ruined man. Cohen’s federal crimes involve unpaid taxes and bank fraud.

The Democrats, who now control the House Committee, orchestrated the hearing and, according to Cohen’s testimony, even the committee questions and his answers. His attorney, whom he is not paying, is Lanny Davis, a Clinton counselor and Democrat operative.

And we did not miss this: The hearing was held on the day President Trump was negotiating denuclearizing the Peninsula, with the North Koreans and their leader, Kim Jong Un. No deal today, but his was an important summit with the door open for success in the future.

But what dominated the news yesterday?

It was a hate-Trump orgy, sporadically countered by Republicans who attacked Cohen’s previous hearing. Also, it was not an effort to get at the truth, but the public kick-off to the Democrats’ two-year impeachment fantasy.

It was a disgrace. Consider all the other issues facing America: Immigration, border security, the economy, infrastructure and China, Russia, North Korea.

The hearing was a bust.