‘Tis the Christmas season and we should be surrounded by faith and family, love and good cheer. We do hear of many charitable efforts to bring joy into the hearts and homes of our needy neighbors and individually we do nice things for our families, butt, alas, the Grinches are everywhere.

We can agree we live in a complex world of radical change, violence and upheaval.

Unusually so. It seems as if there are more evil-doers than nice people–or is it the fault of the media and its thirst to highlight the bad stories? Good things surround us, we need to look, but it is difficult at times.

As I prepare to write Christmas cards I see that France is overrun with violence over taxes, and now comes another terroristic shooting on the Franco-German border. Our own government is fighting over a wall on the Mexican border and may end up shutting the government down in the week before Christmas. And of course, everybody says nasty things about our president — and he doesn’t break the cycle, either.

Closer to home, we learned federal, county and local law enforcement arrested 11 suspects for allegedly running an $8 million a week drug operation out of a non-descript suburban house in Warminster, Tuesday. That is one huge drug bust, with unknown tentacles.

Bucks DA Matt Weintraub released the information Wednesday, saying the group of unrelated individuals operated a packaging and distribution center in the basement of the home with heroin and fentanyl the main product.

I wonder if the culprits supplied drug traffickers in Philadelphia, Trenton and Bucks County? The DA says that remains part of the ongoing investigation. Drug abuse and drug overdoses claim too many young lives and it is chilling to know that in our midst a major drug distribution center was pumping out the deadly product.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all the first responders, law enforcers and military around the world who are in harm’s way keeping us safe. And thanks to DA Matt Weintraub and those who worked this case and continue to work it. We especially commend those who may have seen something suspicious in that neighborhood months ago and notified authorities, who did their job.

Among the 11 suspects now in Bucks County Prison are three women. All will get a hearing on Dec. 20. None could make bail.