Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism came to the fore this past weekend when she blurted out her tainted claims about our strongest ally in the Middle East: Israel.

Omar believes Jews secretly influence American politicians through monetary contributions to gain support for Israel’s agenda in the Middle East, an agenda she opposes.

She apologized after she was criticized for anti-Semitic statements by her own party and religious leaders, but followed up with a nasty (racist) tweet about the Commander-in- Chief.

Rep. Omar was unknown to me until this month. A Muslim woman, she was a childhood immigrant from Somalia who holds dual citizenship. Also, Omar is a member of the Democrat Socialists of America organization. Upon her recent swearing-in, the freshman congresswoman was appointed to the all-important House Intelligence Committee by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Wednesday, she took advantage of her new platform to criticize and demean Elliot Abrams, a former envoy to Venezuela in the Reagan era. She demonstrated her lack of experience, knowledge and hatred with cringe-worthy attacks on U.S. policy in the 80s when Abrams served.

Her friend and colleague, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib – a lawyer, Muslim, and one of two congressional members of the Democrat Socialists of America, is making a name for herself. She has been a shrill opponent of the Trump Administration and also calls for his impeachment. In addition, Tlaib is a critic of the Israeli government urging an end to Israeli aid, while aligned with groups pressuring Israel to withdraw its settlements from the West Bank.

And here comes New Yorker, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, waving her socialist

AOC, as they call her, has been in the news advocating the “Green New Deal,” a plan aimed at saving Planet Earth from global warming, pollution, population. They say the Green New Deal would end much of the pollution we create by refitting old, inefficient buildings, taking the airplanes out of the friendly skies, eliminating fossil fuels, and also (getting rid of?) cows that emit methane gas into the air.

AOC also advocates for open borders, abolition of ICE, abortion rights, women’s rights, and free stuff. Meanwhile, the “Green New Deal” has the Democrat Old Guard scared to death over the rise of the extreme Left. Maybe that’s why Speaker Pelosi labeled the “Green” thing a “draft.”

P.S. Have you heard the 29-year-old congresswoman from New York has a million followers on the Internet?