The much touted “Push Out the Pusher” campaign has netted its first conviction and a reward has been paid out. Good news, but it ain’t over!

The campaign in Falls Township netted one criminal, but the program is in its first year and many more will either be arrested or driven out. With our help.

There is a universal problem with the drug trade and its sinister associates. They move.

Police say they go from “corner to corner.” Nab them in Bristol, they move to the township. Catch them in Falls, they go to Middletown. Point is it’s an ongoing fight that requires the diligent efforts of law enforcement, yes, the border patrol, and you and I.

See something, report it. Let the police or the county drug task force handle it. What the Push Out the Pusher program is all about is — arrest and conviction, even if it is one at a time.

Be pro-active and post those signs on your lawn as a warning to the drug dealers they’re not wanted in your neighborhood, or any neighborhood. Driving drug traffic down and out must be a community-wide effort.

Credit goes to those on the frontlines and to the average person who sees “something”
and reports it. The benefit goes to our families.