Primary election day was no different than other years, as far as I could see and what I heard. The voting machines are gone, replaced by paper and pen and scanner. But more than one voter in my Middletown Township district wanted the old machines back. It was a simple lesson in human nature – we do like the familiar.

Voter turnout was normal for a primary all over Bucks County, but in a presidential year it should have been higher. Absentee ballot or mail-in voting was seen in the lower numbers of voters that showed up at the polls (in a presidential year). All wore masks, as required inside.

Machine or paper, I like to vote in person and get my little sticker that says “I voted.” See, we do like the familiar.

Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic candidate, but there was Bernie Sanders #1 spot on the Dem. ballot. Oops. Well, Bernie doesn’t have the delegates, so don’t worry you Biden fans. It’s in the bag for Biden, unless the Democrats force him out and draft another.
(Yes, I’m serious.)

On the Republican ballot, President Donald J. Trump was in the #1 spot, but he was followed by two names: Roque Rocky De LaFuente and Bill Weld, neither of the two are contenders, like Sanders. Only one has an interesting, hard to spell name. .

The 2020 primary turnout is surprising considering the COVID pandemic and the upheaval of protests and violence around the country. Also, I did hear a few comments about the nightly rioting and its implications on both the presidential race and personal safety.

Despite civil unrest and the coronavirus it’s very important to have your voice heard at the ballot box, so good for those who came out to vote, or voted by mail. The general election is coming – Nov. 3 – mark your calendar and we’ll see you there — or maybe not if you mail in your ballot.