Don’t get excited you anti-Trumpsters – he won’t be impeached. We’re watching a political dogfight, an extension of the “Russia Collusion” big loser. The latest may seem like an attempted coup d’etat, but whatever it is, it involves the Democrat hierarchy, the Intelligence community, and a White House snitch

The failed attempt to bring down the Republican president with a two-year “Russian” investigation has now evolved into the infamous Ukrainian Phone Call between the new
Ukrainian president and President Trump.

The Democrats pounced on this as the latest way to impeach the president. They claim
President Trump was seeking information on former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and
his previous business activity in the Ukraine during that call, including added pressure,
which is strongly denied by the White House, along with the implication of a quid-pro-

It has been reported, and never denied, that Hunter Biden earned millions while his vice
president father was the chief liaison with the Ukraine and China in the Obama
Administration. More to come on that..

Dominating today’s news, as we all know, is the highly partisan impeachment inquiry launched by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA). Notably, such inquiries usually begin with a vote in the House, but the principals opted for the solo launch, which opponents say sets a bad precedent for future presidents.

I think the Democrats, under Speaker Pelosi and the noisy Far Left, have lost their minds. Do they care about legislation, at all? Do they care about issues that affect you and me? Moreover, do they care that they are weakening, at least, the image of the President of the United States in his role as leader of the Free World?

This latest effort appears to be part of an insidious attempt to overturn the 2016 presidential election, obviously fueled by fear the Democrats will lose in 2020. It also is a power-grab, to use other wording. I remind… we hold elections in this country and
win or lose at the ballot box.

Follow the news. President Trump has been the target of underground politicians, rogue FBI agents, and the so-called Deep State before the election – and here we go again.
However, in today’s world, the stakes are much higher. Does anyone doubt China is a
threat, Russia is a threat, North Korea is a threat ? And if you’re a conspiracy theorist,
perhaps you think these countries are feeding the flames.