Speak MY Piece: President Trump’s Acquittal

President-elect Donald J. Trump and U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi smile for a photo during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2017. (DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

The phony impeachment trial of President Donald Trump ended as many thought it would – with an acquittal in the Senate, Wednesday.

Is it finally over? I’m not sure. It seems the angry Democrats still have not gotten over the Hillary Clinton loss in 2016 and have tried everything short of kidnapping to oust the president, even months before the next election in November.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated in a press conference, today, the animosity lives on. The president, she said, continues to “lie” and “deceive” the public, as in the State of the Union address. Obviously, Democrats will continue the mantra until the election.

The endlessly boring impeachment attempt coupled with public brain freeze may have been the cause of low, public interest; however, I’ve been running into too many people who simply say they don’t care about any of it. “Who cares?” they say. Even today.

I think of them as the cocoon people, also recognized by the other favorite question of theirs: What happened?

When the river in their backyard floods, the leaky roof gives way, their kid flunks Algebra I, or a tax-spending machine gets elected to the school board, a loud, tweeting guy to the presidency, they often ask “what happened?”

And that brings me back to the actual impeachment proceedings. Month after month I was curious about the big picture – the meaning of the impeachment process spelled out in the Constitution. I was glued. . .

What we had was impeachment used as a political tool. I found myself disappointed, at lest, but not surprised in this climate. The Democrats, we know, were hell-bent on negating the millions of votes cast for Donald Trump in 2016 and removing the president from office, as partisanship ruled the day.

There were forceful opinions on both sides, but the defense made their case. The majority of the Senate saw this through the lens of constitutional legal minds and scholars and it ended in a party-line vote, regardless. (Romney split his “ticket.”)

Remember the impeachment process had a mysterious beginning, with secrets and clandestine meetings and “leaks.” Still, acquittal.

I believe a different outcome would have inflicted an historic wound on the Constitution and future presidents would be at the mercy of political opponents armed with a precedent. The Senate did the right thing. -PW