Speak MY Piece: Post Independence Day

The holiday of our discontent? Or something else?

As we leave Independence Day behind, we recall the immortal words of the Founders, the image of historic monuments, American flags, fireworks bursting in air, the zoom of jet planes creasing the skies, and the words of a beleaguered president that we are a resilient nation of heroes.

The enduring words of the Constitution are emblazoned in our history: freedom, equality and justice, as are the words of Abraham Lincoln, who wrote to a mother who lost her sons in the Civil War, noting they died “on the altar of freedom.”

Lincoln’s eloquent, personal words defined Constitutional principles her boys were willing to fight and die for, and in that same heroic spirit, subsequent generations of Americans.

What is systemic in America, then, the thing that binds us together, is our dedication to freedom for all. Celebrate it!