The candidates are quiet now – they’ve done their work and are preparing for even more work. First, congratulations to the winners – and the losers – who thought enough about their country and their political persuasion to jump into the “fire.”

Voter turnout in Bucks was great this week, similar to the turnout in the last presidential election. Usually, winners can count on voter registration to put them across the line and we did see plenty of ticket-splitting in the 2016 election and, again, on Tuesday.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican, benefited from much ticket-splitting in heavily Democrat districts to top Democrat Scott Wallace.

Undoubtedly, Donald Trump was a factor in this election one way or the other, nationwide.

Not unusual in a mid-term for the party out of power to flip the House and even the Senate, and the Democrats did take control of the House of Representatives, while the GOP held on to the Senate. Now it will be interesting to see if both parties can get together on issues that will benefit all Americans, or will it be political wrangling, as usual.

I suspect the 2020 election looms large in the minds and hearts of Democrat leaders who hope to avoid facing a president in the 2020 election with more pluses on his record.

Aside from the election, ominous signs are on the horizon for our country and for free speech. The Trump resistance has hit the streets with attacks on Republicans in public places and conservative pundits, such as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, whose home was the site of a noisy demonstration, Thursday, by masked Antifa-like thugs who threatened, shouted and damaged the front door of his home, terrifying his wife who was alone. Their four children were elsewhere, fortunately.

The nasty, noisy demonstrations in private and public settings are not what we do in America. It’s more American to stay off the street and do it the old-fashioned way, vote.