“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last,” Winston Churchill.

Late Monday night, the home of the mayor of Portland, another city under attack from explosive protests, found himself in the hot seat.  A crowd assembled in front of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo building, demanding his resignation. The faceless agitators broke into a nearby store, stole furniture to feed the flaring flames, while the mayor and some neighbors were inside.

Wheeler, a liberal, Democrat, has appeared in the media as supportive of the protesters of some 90 days and openly hostile to President Trump. The mayor has refused federal help, other support from the president and blatantly accused him of “creating the chaos.”

However, in a surprising television visual a few weeks ago, we saw the supportive mayor attempting to address a group of “protesters” and instead was shouted down, jostled and sent home.

Again, last night in Portland, the target was a mayor who has lost control of his city, a city similar to other besieged Democrat-led communities nationwide. We see too many politically-charged leaders put politics and ideology above governance – and continue to feed the crocodile.