Is the Trump factor hurting Republican candidates in southeastern Pennsylvania and, perhaps, across the land? This was the thinking in 2018 when many GOP candidates lost under pressure from the hate-Trumpers, including their allies in the press.

(In Pennsylvania, GOP Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is the only one who pulled it out that year.)

Now with the spotlight on the Ukrainian Phone Call, the leader of the Free World is trying to deal with foreign nations hostile to the U.S. and mad dog Democrats out to impeach him –
simultaneously. The whole thing is insane, but it also diminishes the stature of the president and our position in the world does it not?

For instance, President Trump recently was in New York addressing world leaders at the United Nations with a speech filled with the best of what we have to offer the world. He said we want peace and want to deal fairly with all the nations – and expect them to do the same with us. And more.

Soon, President Trump will meet with the Chinese again, ostensibly about trade, a divisive issue for them. As a businessman, he naturally understands one operates from a position of strength.

Has he been undermined? Does the Democrat leadership, the Impeachers, know what they’re doing? Of course, they’ve been at it for over two years. But they also are hurting the country. The president is doing less harm with his tweets than they are with their
attempts to overturn the result of the 2016 election.

The anti-Trump factions throughout our government got an early start, even bypassing the email and private server problems connected with Hillary Clinton. We have since learned the Democrat candidate’s campaign and the DNC paid for the infamous and bogus dossier on the Republican candidate that linked Trump to Russia and agents of Russia. And then, came the Russia collusion probe that proved the president did not collude with Russia.

Now we have the Ukrainian Phone Call on the table and Speaker Pelosi leading the impeachment fight with the Far Left nipping at her heels – pushing her, actually. Maybe I watch too much TV, but this has all the makings of a political corruption – gangster

It’s all about territory in both fields – the White House is incentivizing the losing Democrats of 2016. They want that turf back. Forget the election! However, 2020, at this point, looms as another losing battle – so let’s impeach!

Meanwhile, some within the Republican Party are overwhelmed by the fury of the Far Left and the allies in the med as they look to their own re-election or election. So they dodge or run.

Ideology, political philosophy, is what makes the parties and the government run. The president is not an ideologue – he is a master politician with his populist flair. Can they beat him at the polls? Not with the current Democrat field and Nancy knows it.

What is going on now is hardball politics and has nothing to do with the ideals of this great nation. Think of this: All politics is local, but it’s not very different on the highest levels. When it is dirty, it’s dirty.